What Is Involved in Well Drilling?

Need to Find Another Water Source on Your Property?  

Several rural properties heavily rely on their own water system in order to have fresh water for cooking, doing the laundry, drinking, and daily hygiene due to the fact they are nowhere near a public water system. This is why these homeowners need a well which is dug or drilled. Of the two, well drilling is generally considered the most reliable option.

A drilled well will use pipes that will tap into underground water sources. These systems carry water from underground to a person’s home. However, before any drilling takes place, a well drilling contractor will need to study the land in order to determine where there is a good water source to be found.

Once a water source is found, the drilling process will start with a machine known as a well borer, this will dig deep into the earth with the aid of a huge drill bit which is housed in a large pipe. As the bit goes deeper, shards of dirt, rock, tree roots and water should, in theory, start to flow out of the pipe. Those that work on these drilling projects have experience and will be able to examine the water flow in order to determine if and when a safe source of water has been found.

Once the drilling crew has found a good water supply, pipes will then be installed in the hole. This prevents dirt from falling back into the hole and blocking the water’s path once the drilling is completed. A waterproof pump will be needed to push the water up and into a structure. At the bottom of the pipe will be a mesh screen which stops dirt from getting into the motor. The waterproof pump will then be attached to smaller pipes that carry the water from the ground to the house. If you are looking for a professional well drilling company, then you need to call Eddie Barnes Well Drilling in Warsaw, MO now at (660) 223-1565.

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